Camera Bullet Thermal + Optical Bispectrum

Mã: DS-2TD2235D-25/50
Danh mục: .

• Thermal: 384×288, Visible: 1920×1080
• Visible: DarkFighter Ultra low light
• Thermal: 25mm (21.7°)/ 50mm (11°) thermal lens
• Support line crossing and intrusion
• Support temperature exception alarm
• Support fire detection
• up to 120m IR
• IP66

Product Description

  • DS-2TD2235D-25/50
Image sensor:|Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Detectors
Response waveband:|8~14μm
NETD:|< 50mk(@25°C,F#=1.0)
F number:|1.0
Compression Standard
Max.Resolution:|1920×1080 (visible light), 384×288 (thermal)
Main Stream:|50Hz:25fps(1920×1080), 25fps(1280×960), 25fps(1280×720) (visible light)
60Hz:30fps(1920×1080), 30fps(1280×960), 30fps(1280×720) (visible light)
50Hz:25fps(384×288) (thermal)
Sub Stream:|50Hz:25fps(704×576), 25fps(352×288), 25fps(176×144)
60Hz:30fps(704×480), 30fps(352×240), 30fps(176×120)
50Hz:25fps(160×120) (thermal)
Video Compression:|H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4, H.264 encoding with Baseline/Main/High Profile
Audio Compression:|G.711u/G.711a/G.722.1/MP2L2/G726/PCM
Simultaneous live view:|Up to 20
Alarm Input:|1 inputs (0-5vDC)
Alarm Output:|1 relay outputs,alarm response actions configurable
Audio Input:|1 Mic in/Line in interface.Line input: 2-2.4V[p-p], output impedance:1KΩ±10%
Audio Output:|Line level, impedance: 600Ω
Power Supply:|AC24V, 40W max
Operating Conditions:|-40 ℃-55℃(-40℉-140℉), 90% or less
Protection Level:|IP66
Weight:|10.5 kg